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Financial Advice




Financial Planning

$2,400 - $6,000/Yr

Options Designed For

Your Financial Situation & Goals:

Why TBG Prosperity?

Full Transparency
No Asset Minimums Required
Finance Made Easy T
o Understand
Long-Term Partnership With A Trusted Advisor

Hourly Advice 

 Topic Examples

Financial Planning

Process Includes

How Can I Organize My Monthly Cash Flow​ & Save More?

When Should I Buy a Home? How Much Can I Afford?

1. Understand Your Circumstances

2. Identify



How Much Should I Save For My Emergency Fund?

How Can I Pay Off My Debt Sooner?

Goal Examples

  • Save More for Emergencies

  • Pay Off Mortgage Sooner

  • Secure Medical Funding

  • Save for College 

  • Buy A Second Home

  • Pay Off Student Loans

  • Maximize Employee Benefits

  • Retire at Age 55, 60 or 65? 

  • Up-to-Date Will, Trust & POAs

  • Adequate Insurance Coverage

Am I Saving Enough for Retirement?

How Do I Maximize My  Employee Benefits?

3. Analyze Situation &

Potential Alternatives

4. Develop Recommendations

5. Present Recommendations

6. Implement Recommendations

7. Monitor Progress & Update as Needed

All Services are Provided in a 

Judgement Free & 100% Confidential Zone. 

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